Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Gypsy Officially Shelved

I've had trouble hiding my distaste for Entergy Corp.'s Little Gypsy power plant coal retrofit. Luckily it was tabled last month and now the Louisiana Public Service Commission has officially approved putting the project on hold for three years. The Commission also made the wise suggestion that Entergy start hedging the low price of gas and make some long-term purchases of gas to lock in low gas prices rather than waiting to buy it on the spot market and passing inflated costs on to its rate payers.

Since the Commission checked the box for smart ideas, it left the door wide open for stupidity. As part of a discussion of carbon emissions, new PSC member and global warming doubter Eric Skrmetta invited a so-called expert to bash the concept that man is contributing to global warming.

Instead of using the PSC meetings to argue the existence of and/or man's role in global warming, our PSC Commissioners should be looking for ways to reduce Louisiana's use of dirty coal (11% of statewide power generation) while lowering our energy bills. In Louisiana we are sitting on one of the world's largest deposits of natural gas. Hello??? Clean and cheap! Local product! Is anybody listening???

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