Monday, May 18, 2009

Haynesville Units in Louisiana

Last week someone asked me a question about where their property falls within the so-called "De-Risked Acreage Boundary." It got me thinking about new ways to look at the Haynesville Shale. Now that drilling is taking place across the play, drilling units are beginning to be formed. In Louisiana, the process goes through the Department of Natural Resources. I took a look at the Haynesville units that have been formed, and while it didn't reveal anything earth shattering, it gives more evidence of where the drilling and production activity is. I generated the maps below using the DNR SONRIS GIS Viewer. It's a cool and pretty flexible mapping tool. There is a pretty good little tutorial, so beginners can use it.

I created the same map in two different views, one with main roads and parish line and the other with that same information but a topographic overlay. This information is just for Louisiana because I haven't had time to check out the resources at the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil and gas production in Texas.

The maps are a little hard to read, but you can rather quickly get the gist of where drilling is occurring. The violet dots are permitted wells, either in production or at some stage of drilling, while the light blue squares are drilling units that have been approved by the DNR. Unfortunately the parish lines are difficult to see behind the map points, but the patterns are clear.

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