Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"De-Risked" Acreage Boundary

Now that the Haynesville Shale has been in the news for the past 14 months, people have a pretty good idea about the general boundary of the play, or at least what geologists think the boundary is. As time passes, wells are drilled, logs are interpreted and gas starts flowing, the next question is where is the "de-risked" acreage. I love that concept: an investment without risk. Think about it...a sure thing. I think a real wildcatter would walk away from a sure thing. I guess there is no truly de-risked investment if you have to put up $9 million on the front end and employ all manner of technical sophistication to get at the gas.

In any case, below is GMX Resources' estimate of the de-risked acreage (the thin blue line inside the colored area).


V said...

Could you tell me is Sec 31, 11N, 12W in the good part or the bad part?

Robert Hutchinson said...

I don't have a good S-T-R map to overlay over the de-risked map, but I've been working on pulling something together. Can you tell me in which parish the land is in and in what part of the parish?