Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Acreage List

In reading through the economic impact study commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, I came upon a good list of the biggest leaseholders in the Haynesville Play. This is definitely not new information and it's not the freshest (vintage 2008). I've reported most of these numbers, but the nature of a blog is that information is scattered. I thought I'd just reproduce the table here. I can't take credit for it, and neither can Loren C. Scott & Associates, since they lifted it from a Jefferies & Company report. Attribution aside, here's the list:

It's a good list, but it leaves off a few active players with small lease positions, including Questar, as well as a few smaller players like Southern Star, Cubic and Mainland Resources. At the same time, some of the biggest lease holders have been less active in terms of drilling, like Devon and Cabot.

Note also that it represents net acres, so Plains Exploration gets credit for 110,000 net acres because they are a minority joint venture partner with Chesapeake. Same with Shell and EnCana.


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