Tuesday, April 7, 2009

St. Mary's First Haynesville Well

St. Mary Land and Exploration announced that it has brought to market its first Haynesville Shale well. The Johnson Trust 1-2 well, located in the Spider Field in central De Soto Parish, Louisiana, had a total measured depth of 15,100 feet, and was completed with a 10 stage hydraulic fracture treatment over the 3,400 foot lateral.

The 24 hour production rate from the well was a somewhat disappointing 4.1 MMcf of gas and 525 Bbls of load water at a flowing casing pressure of 3,150 psi on an 18/64th inch choke. It's not terrible, but other neighboring wells are doing better. The company believes that the well may have been damaged during drilling or completion and is working with its contractors to see what's going on.

From the company's release: "St. Mary has 10,000 net acres with potential for the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana, 4,200 of which are located in the Spider Field. The remaining 40,000 net acres of the Company’s total 50,000 net acres are located in East Texas. St. Mary’s second Haynesville well has commenced drilling in northern San Augustine County, Texas. After coring the Haynesville section, this well will be drilled down to the deeper Cotton Valley Lime formation for evaluation purposes. St. Mary currently expects to complete the well as a vertical Haynesville test."

We've been eagerly waiting results from St. Mary and are somewhat disappointed (I'm sure they are too!). Hopefully they can get things straightened out and see some better results.

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