Monday, April 13, 2009

Haynesville Shale in Mississippi?

This is old news, but I noticed a release from September 2008 from Mainland Resources that the company had entered into a letter of intent to acquire 5,000 net acres in southwestern Mississippi in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin for the purpose of drilling test wells to see if there was Haynesville Shale potential. I haven't heard anything else about this but thought it was interesting to note. The press release got reprinted in numerous publications, but I haven't seen anything else about it. Was it an attempt to boost the price of Mainland? They seem very interested in self-promotion. Who knows.

From the Mainland release:
"A number of USGS and US Department of Energy resource assessments have been commissioned over this area over the last decade. All report the deep gas potential of the area, pointing to the Upper Jurassic as a favorable exploration target. According to public records, no wells have been drilled to test the Haynesville Shale formation in the target region to date.

"Company President Mike Newport states, 'We have data that suggests the potential Haynesville Shale in this region could be similar in nature to the gas bearing Haynesville Shale in northwest Louisiana. Our geological team believes that this could be just as productive as the groundwork that’s been laid in the Louisiana play.'"

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