Sunday, August 3, 2008

American Clean Skies Foundation Report

The American Clean Skies Foundation ( released a report last week that states that the US has total recoverable supplies of natural gas of 2,247 trillion cubic feet, or 118 years of supply at current production and consumption levels (Reuters article; link to report). The report was completed by consulting firm Navigant Consulting, Inc.

American Clean Skies was founded and is chaired by Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon. Chesapeake is not shy about using its cash to promote both the company and the natural gas industry (see

The report isn't really ground breaking - it was really a survey of various sources of information, including exploration companies, government entities, journals, media reports, etc. The main point of the report is that previous estimates of natural gas supplies did not include unconventional gas plays like shale.

Many see the organization and this report as self-serving (it's hard to admit that it's not), but it did earn McClendon an opportunity to tout natural gas to the House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee and the numerous mentions on national TV that accompany such testimony.

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